Who is Malita?


Malita is my middle name and it was given to me by my Zambian great grandmother. It was her first name and sadly we never met because she died shortly before my birth. She asked my mother, who was in the late stages of pregnancy, if she would give the child that she was carrying her name as a middle name.  My mother being reasonably new to Zambia from the UK was deeply touched by the request and was delighted to agree.

Growing up this was the story that I was told about my name which was most often mispronounced by anyone from outside of Zambia. It was only in my early 20s while sitting with my father’s older sisters that they shared the fact that Malita had healing powers which she used to help other people.  Something that was shared so flippantly was like a lightening bolt of information for me.  I was filled with a million different questions which nobody seemed to be able to answer and so began my quest to connect with Malita.

I feel strongly that through her name, her healing gift has been passed on to me.  How I will then share it with others I’m still figuring out. What I do know is that consciously connecting with her name in this blog feels right and writing is the start. It feels that I’m offering the better part of me, if there is such a thing.

While writing this blog post I was inspired to look up the meaning of my name, Malita.  The first hit on google search brought this up:

People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

There you have it.  It all starts to make more and more sense.


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