The ‘upside down’ trick for putting on coats

upside down trick

When Yara was 22 months old and first joined the Infant Community at The Montessori Place we learned a trick that completely revolutionised our ‘getting out of the house’ routine in winter. It’s called the ‘upside down trick’.  If the thought of getting out the door in winter with everyone’s coats on fills you with dread, then this little trick is guaranteed to put a smile on your face today.

Start by placing your child’s coat on the floor, facing upside down to where they are standing.

They then feed their arms into the arm holes.

Once inside, they rotate their their arms in a big backwards circle and flip their coat over their heads.

Voila! Their coat is on and their sense of achievement is way up there 😉

This trick can be done by any child that is walking. Yara learnt it at 22 months, but there were 18 month olds in her class doing it too, all with big grins on their faces and the beautiful words of satisfaction, “I did it!”

After she learnt it, she was so keen to show anyone and everyone what she could do. She’s just over three and a half now and even though she doesn’t have much of a need for a coat this winter in Turks & Caicos, she takes any opportunity to practice the trick with a light cardigan.  I hope this trick brings the same ease and fun into your lives as it has ours.  If it does, please share this post with someone who might find it useful and spread the love.

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