The Desire Map – Book Review


I have millions of books that I want to review on this blog, so the choice of where to begin hasn’t been easy.  With the energy of the start of a new academic year and updating my calendar with important school dates, I have found myself reflecting on the goals and aspiration that I want to achieve over the next 10 months and a book review on The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte feels like the perfect place to start.

It’s so easy to fill a check list of goals and then set off in an attempt to achieve them without really giving much thought to why we’re actually doing them.  After reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte I have changed the way I think about goals and planning ahead.  Instead of focusing on the end goal, I am now focused on how the journey and ultimately the outcome will make me feel.  I’ve become curious of how I want to feel in all areas of my life and have started seeking out the things that will enhance those feelings in my life.  Sometimes figuring out how I actually want to feel has been the tricky part and this book has helped me explore what is important to me and what is not.

Danielle suggests that we all have 5 core desired feelings.  These are feelings that we love to live by and when we do so, we spend our lives filling our time experiencing happiness, fulfillment, health and ultimately success.  I have found that it has made me review my goals to find out who I’m actually doing them for, how going about achieving them makes me feel in every moment and whether or not actually pursuing the goal contributes to my highest good. If the overall feeling isn’t a good one after analysing the different aspects of it, then I know it’s something to cross off the list.

If different fonts and typography are your thing then you will simply love the layout of this book.  Danielle has used a whole range of sizes and fonts to help illustrate her ideas which the creative in me finds really easy and inspiring to read.

I devoured the first part of the book where she explains the importance of understanding feeling and emotions and how to become clear of your desires.  The second part, is the workbook section.  At this point my momentum slowed down and in honesty I haven’t completed it because I know that I can’t do it alone.

So I have come up with a plan to complete this section of the book with a group of people which is actually how Danielle originally intended it to be done for those that don’t want to work solo.  A girlfriend of mine that lives in the UK, along with some of her friends scattered around the world, will be completing the exercises as a group that meets over Skype. We’re still ironing out the details of how it will all come together, however right now the important part for me is having a group of like minded people to bounce ideas off and help support me in completing the workbook.

If you have read and completed the workbook I would love to hear how it went in the comments section below.  How was this book changed your life or your business?  Inspire us!

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