How to teach safe knife skills to children

When my daughter started going to The Montessori Place at 22 months old, one of the skills she learnt was how to use a knife safely.  At first, I was blown away that a child under the age of two could be trusted with a knife and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily and enthusiastically she took to learning this new life skill. One of the mother's at the school … [Read more...]

No television for young children

When Yara turned 22 months old and joined The Montessori Place we made the decision to not let her watch any form of television (including DVDs) until the age of three.  If you’re wondering why we made this decision, how hard it’s been to stick to our resolve and what has the outcome been, I’ll give you all the details here. I tried to keep this post short, but there’s too … [Read more...]

The ‘upside down’ trick for putting on coats

When Yara was 22 months old and first joined the Infant Community at The Montessori Place we learned a trick that completely revolutionised our 'getting out of the house' routine in winter. It's called the 'upside down trick'.  If the thought of getting out the door in winter with everyone's coats on fills you with dread, then this little trick is guaranteed to put a smile on … [Read more...]

Discovering The Montessori Place in Hove

I will warn you from the start that this is going to be a long post. I have made in long in the hope that for those of you that are interested in exploring a radical approach to educating your child, it will be filled with information that may be of use to you. So what is The Montessori Place? The Montessori Place is a beautiful school in the heart of Hove, UK that is … [Read more...]