Bamboletta Doll

I came across Elizabeth DiAlto's work over a year ago and this woman has totally rocked my beliefs about my body and self love. I have been an avid follower of everything she has offered since I discovered her work and am blown away each time. One of her latest offerings is a free podcast series where she interviews a bunch of inspirational women. This week she interviewed … [Read more...]

Creating a Vision Board

I remember as a child watching Aladdin and being introduced to the concept of a genie. I thought it was fantastic and often fantasized about it actually being a reality. I came across the idea of creating a vision board in my late teens/early 20s, most likely on a self development workshop or reading a self help book. Being inquisitive and always open to new ways of thinking, I … [Read more...]

Chitenge Fabric Christmas Baubles

My love of fabrics has opened up lots of doors of enjoyment for me and last year I came up with a bright idea to add a bit of African flavour to jazz up our Christmas tree  – chitenge covered Christmas baubles of course!  I made the mistake of cutting a bunch of fabric before I’d come up with a master plan for covering the balls, so I was left with a bunch of 7 inch squares … [Read more...]