Every blog has a beginning…

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Every blog has a beginning and for At Home With Malita this is it.  The idea for this space has been mulling around in my head for the last year and building steam as it goes along.  I have so many ideas of the delicious and inspiring content to share, what I want the space to look like as well as the many things it will be for the lovely people that visit! All of these wonderful aspirations and then the big question – where to begin?

Starting with exactly where I am at this moment in my life feels right, so I will begin here…

I’ve just had the most incredible summer of my life – marrying my soul mate and saying goodbye to our life in Hove, UK and moving with our 3 year old daughter to begin the next chapter of our lives together in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.  The Caribbean (or more correctly the Bahamas) is a long shot from my life growing up in Lusaka, Zambia! Despite it being a place I would never in my wildest dreams have considered living, just the first few weeks into our time here I know that it all feels totally right. I think I always knew that love would take me places in life and right now I feel like I’ve scored big time!

This blog is taking flight at a major time of transition in my life – setting up our new home, settling into (and loving) my new role as a wife, forming new friendships and relationships, transitioning my photography business (Marisa Findlay Photography), starting to teach yoga and finding my place of contribution on this beautiful island all whilst being a mother with hopes of a simple life for our daughter.

It feels like when I had my daughter, my life did a great big 360 degrees – backwards (devastatingly painful) and then forwards (overwhelmingly exhilarating). It now has me traveling in a direction totally different from where I was headed before and I’m so grateful for the change of corse. The sense of overwhelm and despair in those first months of motherhood, hypertension as a result of pre-eclampsia in my pregnancy and the undiagnosed post natal depression were the very things that sent me searching and beginning a journey of undoing the events of my past and reconnecting with a force far greater than myself.

Thanks to some incredible teachers who you will meet in this blog in the On the Couch section, I discovered the things that weren’t working for me in my life and saw how they were in fact harming me. I learnt about how the mind works, the power of the energy system and chakras as well as the blocks that could be released. I went on a quest to naturally heal my high blood pressure condition, with the support of medication (which I’m thankfully now off) and discovered an exciting world of nutrition and fitness as well as reconnecting with my love of yoga. Thanks to The Montessori Place, which is an amazing space for children in Hove, I discovered a way of parenting using Montessori principles that totally works for our family and I will always be eternally grateful to the inspirational teachers there that offered us new possibilities.

I remember reading a book at university called The Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Williams and knowing so strongly in that moment that my path as an accountant was not the one for me, yet I didn’t have a clue what else it could be.  Ten years later, following my intuition and the things that have moved my heart to sing and I’m here in this place of deep gratitude. My hope is that this blog space forms a piece of the work I’m here to do by sharing what I have learnt and will continue to discover

This post has gone on longer than I had intended and if you’re still reading then thank you. If anything that I have shared has touched you or raised questions I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. I look forward to sharing more and connecting with you.

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