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I remember as a child watching Aladdin and being introduced to the concept of a genie. I thought it was fantastic and often fantasized about it actually being a reality. I came across the idea of creating a vision board in my late teens/early 20s, most likely on a self development workshop or reading a self help book. Being inquisitive and always open to new ways of thinking, I gave my first vision board a try. Surrounded by magazines one evening, I let my imagination go wild cutting out images that represented the life that I wanted to create – and even better, imagining it as the life I am already living.

I was delighted with the result and enjoyed looking at it on my wall everyday. At first I started noticing little things being achieved and it was only when I reviewed it about a year later that I was struck by how everything had happened in some way or another and more often than not, in an even better way than I had imagined. The bits that didn’t happen didn’t really matter because what had felt true for me in that moment was no longer applicable. I was hooked and the process of creating a vision board has become an annual ritual for me. I now have a collection of vision boards stashed in boxes scattered around the world where I have been living.

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There is no set date for my vision board creation, unlike some people who like to do them on New Years Eve or at the start of the year. I usually have a feeling when it’s time to make a new vision board and I slowly start collecting images that appeal to me over several magazine-sitting sessions. If it happens to fall on a new moon then it’s a bonus because the energy at this time is perfect for manifesting and setting intentions.

With preparing for our big move to Turks & Caicos this year I haven’t had time to make a vision board, however I have been cutting out images that have appealed to me during our travels. I’ve really missed having a current vision board as a daily reminder of what’s important to me.

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It occurred to me this week that my 3 year old daughter, Yara, is ready to start learning about vision boards. Cutting, gluing and drawing are right up her street at the moment so after a quick trip to Business Solutions, our local one stop everything store on the island, I had the supplies for an afternoon of creativity.

What you will need:

  • scissors (make sure to have several if you’re doing this with a group of friends)
  • glue stick or craft glue
  • card paper of whatever size you prefer for your vision
  • heaps of old magazines
  • large area to spread out freely undisturbed for several hours

How to make a Vision Board:

  • Dream – Spend some time reflecting on the life you would like to live/manifest and start visualizing that it has already happened – you are already living it. What does it look like? How do you feel? Where do you live? How do you spend your time creating an income? Which people surround you? Are you learning a new sport, instrument, craft, language? Where did you go on holiday?
  • Searching and cutting – Holding these feelings inside, go through the magazines and cut out images that represent them. Trust your intuition and don’t question things too much. If it appeals to you, you like the look of it, it makes you feel happy or excited then cut it out. Don’t worry about other people looking at the images – this is your life, not theirs. If you can’t find an image that represents something you’re looking for, cut out individual letters that make up the word. Let your creativity and imagination go wild.
  • Putting it all together and sticking – Once you’ve got enough to fill your page, arrange everything on your card in a visually pleasing way and then stick it all down.
  • Giving it a place – Now that you have your beautiful vision board give it a space in your home where you can enjoy it every day. It may be in your bedroom so that you see it when you first wake up, next to your desk. You can even get creative and photograph it so that you make it your screensaver (phone, computer) or have smaller copies of it scattered around the house (on the fridge, in front of the toilet, on your mouse pad).

Doing this activity with kids

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If you’re creating your vision board with kids then I wouldn’t recommend trying to create it all in one session because if their attention span is anything like Yara’s you’ll have about 30-45 minutes. We spent about 45 minutes in which time she had entirely completed her vision board and was ready for the next thing to do. She did some cutting, some gluing and some drawing. All I managed was to cut out a few images and spend a bit of time dreaming in between her requests for help.

If you’ve never made a vision board before I hope that this inspires you to try one. Let me know how you get on! If you’re already a vision board fan, I’d love to hear about your experiences of manifesting.

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