Traveling alter – feeling at home wherever you go

It's the summer holidays and we're on the move traveling around Europe visiting family and friends.  It's a beautiful and magical time topping up our pot of memories and at the same time a challenge to stay centered and clear headed.  In order to help support me during these times on the move, I use a traveling alter. My traveling alter varies each time I travel and usually … [Read more...]

Live your dreams

I found this poem hanging on the inside of the toilet at i gigi, one of my favourite household shops that also comes with an amazing cafe in Brighton, UK.  I can't remember who it was written by so I can't give them credit.  I do however thank whom ever it was because it is something that I have often come back to when I need that little reminder that I can really carve out the … [Read more...]

Alternate Nostril Breathing – Anuloma Viloma

I developed pre-eclampsia in my 35th week of pregnancy and my daughter was delivered by emergency c-section two weeks later. I was told by the doctors that the high blood pressure would most likely settle down about 6 weeks after delivery and I could come off the medication. It didn’t. Nearly 3 years after her birth I finally came off the medication thanks to the help of a … [Read more...]

Who is Malita?

Malita is my middle name and it was given to me by my Zambian great grandmother. It was her first name and sadly we never met because she died shortly before my birth. She asked my mother, who was in the late stages of pregnancy, if she would give the child that she was carrying her name as a middle name.  My mother being reasonably new to Zambia from the UK was deeply touched … [Read more...]