Chitenge Fabric Christmas Baubles

My love of fabrics has opened up lots of doors of enjoyment for me and last year I came up with a bright idea to add a bit of African flavour to jazz up our Christmas tree  – chitenge covered Christmas baubles of course!  I made the mistake of cutting a bunch of fabric before I’d come up with a master plan for covering the balls, so I was left with a bunch of 7 inch squares … [Read more...]

Discovering The Montessori Place in Hove

I will warn you from the start that this is going to be a long post. I have made in long in the hope that for those of you that are interested in exploring a radical approach to educating your child, it will be filled with information that may be of use to you. So what is The Montessori Place? The Montessori Place is a beautiful school in the heart of Hove, UK that is … [Read more...]