Alternate Nostril Breathing – Anuloma Viloma

I developed pre-eclampsia in my 35th week of pregnancy and my daughter was delivered by emergency c-section two weeks later. I was told by the doctors that the high blood pressure would most likely settle down about 6 weeks after delivery and I could come off the medication. It didn’t. Nearly 3 years after her birth I finally came off the medication thanks to the help of a … [Read more...]

Who is Malita?

Malita is my middle name and it was given to me by my Zambian great grandmother. It was her first name and sadly we never met because she died shortly before my birth. She asked my mother, who was in the late stages of pregnancy, if she would give the child that she was carrying her name as a middle name.  My mother being reasonably new to Zambia from the UK was deeply touched … [Read more...]

Every blog has a beginning…

Every blog has a beginning and for At Home With Malita this is it.  The idea for this space has been mulling around in my head for the last year and building steam as it goes along.  I have so many ideas of the delicious and inspiring content to share, what I want the space to look like as well as the many things it will be for the lovely people that visit! All of these … [Read more...]