Homemade Ghee

I learnt this recipe from my yoga teacher and dear friend, Dot Bowen.  Ghee is the most heat-stable of all fats so is excellent for cooking. It doesn’t de-nature on exposure to light, and has the ability to carry the qualities of foods cooked with it deep into the tissues. It is nourishing and supports digestion.  Ingredients: Good quality organic unsalted butter. … [Read more...]

5 ingredient granola bars

ADD IMAGE OF FINISHED BARS I have always tried to reduce the amount of refined sweets and chocolates that Yara eats, so I'm always on the look out for a new healthy energy snack to give her. I discovered the Minimalist Baker and was inspired to give their 5 ingredient granola bars a go with ingredients that can easily be found in Turks & Caicos, which is always a big … [Read more...]