Black and Kidney Bean Chilli in 15 minutes

Before we lost power last night thanks to Hurricane Joaquin's effects on Turks and Caicos, I put together this super quick dish in about 15 minutes.  I've been drooling my way through my new Deliciously Ella cook book and this dish really hit the yummy spot.  Part of the journey I have taken to heal my high blood pressure condition has been to reduce the amount of red meat in … [Read more...]

Cotton menstrual pads – a step towards pain free periods

If you're anything like me, you've been plagued by really heavy and painful periods since the very first one.  I grew up feeling that periods were a curse that simply had to be endured by women and something that I had to learn to live with.  I faced at least 24-48 hours of pain killers each month to get through it. By my mid 20s, the pain had increased to such an extent … [Read more...]

Avocado smoothie

This is my go to smoothie for either breakfast, mid morning or mid afternoon snack time. It's filled with slow burning nutrients that help keep my energy levels on a nice even level as well as keeping hunger pangs away. It's also the perfect breakfast to have before a mid morning yoga class to keep my stomach feeling empty, yet at the same time giving me enough energy for my … [Read more...]

Raw passion fruit and lime cheese cake

I went to a vegan pot luck dinner recently and tasted a raw passion fruit and lime cheese cake.  I was blown away by how ridiculously delicious it was and that it was dairy free.  I went to Google to find a recipe and discovered this delicious one thanks to Katrina Ellis. who even gives the lowdown on it's nutrional value.  I've made it a few times now and every time it's a hit … [Read more...]

Mung Bean Soup

I first tasted this delicious Ayurvedic recipe of mung beans about 5 years ago when my yoga teacher in Brighton, Dot Bowen, taught a yoga workshop followed by a light vegetarian lunch. I wasn’t the only one that was chomping at the bit for the recipe. Put off by some of the strange ingredients like asoefedita and the need to soak the beans, I never attempted the … [Read more...]