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I came across Elizabeth DiAlto’s work over a year ago and this woman has totally rocked my beliefs about my body and self love. I have been an avid follower of everything she has offered since I discovered her work and am blown away each time. One of her latest offerings is a free podcast series where she interviews a bunch of inspirational women. This week she interviewed Christina Platt, the founder of Bamboletta, a doll company with a whole lot of soul.  I’m in love with the whole concept of Christina’s business model, the dolls and most importantly what they offer our children in developing their emotional skills.


When looking for a doll for her own daughter she was frustrated with what she found so instead set out to make her own. She was inspired by the Waldorf style of doll with no expression on the face so that children are free to give the doll their own emotions through their exploratory play. She marketed her doll to the Waldorf market at fairs, but it didn’t go down well. There were several complaints ranging from it being not traditional enough to it being too colourful. Instead of conforming to their feedback, she stayed true to what she believed in and her business has grown to being so successful that she is now able to offer 50 women the opportunity to have some financial independence helping her sew dolls.

At about $200 a doll they don’t come cheap, however they offer an amazing opportunity for a young child to develop their emotional skills set. What I love about it is the creative project that the dolls open up for the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, anyone really that’s looking for an idea to sew. Through the website, at home kits can be purchased and I’m already working on getting one to have some fun with my mother when she first comes to visit this slice of paradise that we now call home.

The dolls have a range of clothes that can be ordered online, however I’m inspired to attempt to sew some myself. My dress sewing skills are basic, however this is the perfect opportunity to test them out and hopefully even develop them. Even better, it will be a lovely sewing project to enjoy with my mother and daughter.


When I was pregnant with my daughter, my mother started teaching me to patchwork quilt.  It’s an experience I treasure dearly.  From a young age she always encouraged me to learn to knit and crochet and I’m so grateful to her for her efforts.  I do believe it’s an art form that invites a state of zen.  What an incredible gift to be able to offer this knowledge to our children, and even better, to then see their creativity coming to life through playing with something we have made together!

I highly recommend listening to the podcast, Faith and Spirituality in Business with Christina Platt.  Elizabeth is a phenomenal interviewer and has an incredible ability to open people up to sharing their wisdom through this podcast series. I download her weekly podcasts to my phone so that I can listen to them as I’m driving, cooking or editing photographs.  I love learning new concepts and meeting so many courageous women out there in the world creating their own wild and authentic existences.

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